ClearCorrect the Correct Way to a Straight Smile

October 15, 2022

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ClearCorrect is the right way to straighten teeth with removable aligners. Unlike those braces you see on your social media pages ClearCorrect is monitored by your Ramsey cosmetic dentist.

This means you won’t have to worry about doing something you shouldn’t like wear clear plastic aligners when they weren’t right for you and your bad bite.

With that being said not all dentists in Ramsey are qualified to fit you with removable braces. Dr. Arash Vahid is a cosmetic dentist who is always up on the latest dental technology including ClearCorrect.

Not All Aligners are Created Equal

While clear aligners will work for people who have mild to moderate tipped and tilted teeth they will not help patients who have severe under, over or cross bites.

Furthermore, people with large spaces between teeth may do better with conventional wires and brackets as well.

One of the worse things you can do is purchase a DIY tooth straightening system. These can and most probably will cause damage to your teeth and bite as you are moving your jaw without being monitored by a doctor. As you can imagine, this can have long reaching consequences when it comes to your smile.

ClearCorrect the Right Choice

Not unlike other types of prescription teeth straightening systems ClearCorrect gradually moves your teeth into the desired position consisting of four phases for your new smile.

According to your ClearCorrect dentist in Ramsey you will wear each set of aligners for three weeks. Because the movements are gradual you will not feel the type of pressure that you would with conventional wires and brackets.

If you qualify for ClearCorrect removable braces you will be measured for your new aligners. Digital pictures and measurements are also taken for a precise fit for your customized clear plastic braces.

Keep in mind that the aligners are so clear no one will know you are having a smile boost except for you and the team from AV Dental Associates of Ramsey NJ. In addition ClearCorrect is easy to keep clean and better for your oral health as well.

Conventional wires and brackets can break. Furthermore the wires can cut your cheeks and gums.

Because ClearCorrect uses soft pliable plastic you won’t have to worry about injuries. Conventional braces often cause mouth injuries.

ClearCorrect Ramsey

If you would like to find out if you are a good fit send a direct message. Dr. Vahid will examine you to find out if you and ClearCorrect are a match. Schedule a no obligation ClearCorrect consultation today.

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