5 Bad Habits to Avoid After Getting Dental Implants

October 3, 2023

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Dental implants typically last much longer than other forms of tooth replacement. In fact, many people are able to keep the same dental implant posts for their entire lives. That said, certain bad habits could end up compromising your newly restored smile if you’re not careful. Below are 5 things you need to avoid doing if you want your dental implants to last.

1. Smoking

You will be told to avoid smoking for a while after getting your dental implants, and for good reason. Tobacco can inhibit the healing process, slowing down your recovery after dental implant surgery. On top of that, people who use tobacco products are at a higher risk for gum infection, which can lead to dental implant failure. It is best to give up smoking altogether if you don’t want to lose your implant posts.

2. Eating Too Much Sugar

If you have a sweet tooth, it can be all too easy to overindulge in sugary treats without being fully aware of it. The harmful bacteria in your mouth can feed off the sugar you consume, thus increasing your risk for gum disease. To keep your dental implants safe, try reducing the amount of sugar in your diet and instead focus on eating more foods that are good for the gums, such as fresh fruits and dairy products.

3. Biting Down on Hard Objects

How often do you find yourself chewing on your fingernails, ice, or the tip of your pen? Such habits can be more damaging for your dental implants than you might think. Implant posts are sturdy, but they can still be damaged if you frequently use them to bite down on hard objects. Pay attention to what you’re putting in your mouth so that you can make sure that you aren’t exposing your dental implant posts to unnecessary strain.

4. Opening Packages with Your Teeth

When you’re having trouble with a package, using your teeth to open it may seem like a time-saver. In reality, though, it can put a lot of pressure on your dental implants and your natural teeth. Instead of risking unnecessary damage to your smile, take the time to look for some scissors instead.

5. Skipping Dental Visits

Do you not see the dentist as often as you should? If so, you could be putting your dental implants at unnecessary risk. Dental checkups can be an excellent opportunity to have any issues with your implant posts caught early on. If you’re hoping to keep your dental implants for as long as possible, making time to visit the dentist once every six months is a must.

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Dr. Arash Vahid went to the University of Michigan Ann Arbor for his Doctor of Dental Surgery, and he completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency through the NYU College of Dentistry. He is proud to be able to offer dental implants to help restore the smiles of patients with missing teeth. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Vahid at AV Dental Associates of Ramsey, visit his website or call (201) 962-8452.

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