A Right Kind of Dental Implant to Find Your Smile

August 16, 2021

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A beautiful smile is an asset in personal and professional life. The loss of one or more teeth affects a person’s smile and appearance, but also their ability to eat and speak normally.

Finding a beautifully natural and functional smile after losing teeth is now possible thanks to the installation of a Dental Implant at AV Dental Associates.

The absence of one or more teeth can now be replaced by Dental Implants.  Dental Implantology is today a proven technique that can greatly improve the quality of life of patients by allowing them to combine functionality and aesthetics.  At AV Dental Associates in Ramsey New Jersey, our Team is specialized in the Dental Implants procedure.

Definition of a Dental Implant

A natural tooth consists of a part visible in the mouth:

The crown and a part anchored in the gum and the bone: the root.

The Dental Implant takes the role of an artificial root anchored in the bone, which replaces an absent or lost natural root and on which a prosthetic tooth is placed. The loss of a tooth or of a set of teeth can thus be treated by the placement of dental implants which make it possible to make fixed prosthetic restorations.

The goal of implant and Invisalign treatment is to restore aesthetics and ensure the various functions of the mouth such as eating and speaking.  Dr. Vahid, of AV Dental Associates, offers state-of-the-art Dental Technologies for all of these services.

The Characteristics of the Implant

The Dental Implant is made of biocompatible biomaterials.  The Dental Implant is made of titanium, a biomaterial that is very resistant to stresses: the Dental Implants cannot be deformed and do not give way under the mechanical stresses of chewing.

Dental Implants do not cause a pathological reaction in the various human tissues with which they are in contact.  They do not undergo chemical transformations on contact with tissues, or elements that may be in the mouth.

Their dimensions (diameter and length) vary depending on the depth and thickness of the bone to receive the implant.  Dental Implants can be buried under the gum or through it.  In the latter case, the realization on the field of a provisional prosthesis on the fixed dental implant may be considered.

Indications for Implants

When a single tooth is missing, a Dental Implant is often the most suitable solution, especially when the teeth adjacent to the edentulous are healthy because it avoids cutting them to use them as abutments during the realization of a conventional bridge.

In this case, the implant simply and effectively restores function and aesthetics while respecting tissue economy.

If you are missing several adjacent teeth, it is possible to replace each of the teeth with an implant or to make a bridge on implants. The principle is the same as for natural teeth.

If you suffer from complete edentulousness (absence of all teeth), the complete bridge on implants allows you to completely switch to a fixed prosthesis and eliminate removability. Like the crown on an implant that allows replacing a single tooth, a plural prosthesis with several elements is fixed on several implants distributed to restore the complete dental arch.

However, if the removable prosthesis cannot be completely replaced by implants, the latter provide the wearers of removable prostheses with comfort in improving the retention thereof. Indeed, the major problem with removable prostheses is precise that they are removable. Psychologically, it can be difficult to remove and replace prostheses several times a day and there may also be a fear that they will not “hold”. The Dental Implant can then be used to hold a dental appliance and make it more comfortable by improving its retention.

For any questions regarding the Dental Implants procedure, please call our Ramsey New Jersey Dental Practice today.  We look forward to welcoming you to our Dental Office.

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